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Alpaca: a domesticated South American ruminant, Lama pacos, having long, soft, silky fleece, related to the llama and believed to be a variety of the guanaco.

Cria: A baby vicunallamaguanaco, or alpaca.

Crimp: An "S" wave found in the fiber of a huacaya alpaca.

Fiber: An alpacas fleece.

Huacaya:  One of the two types of alpacas, possessing a dense, wavy, crimped fiber that stands out from the skin at a right angle, producing a fluffy look.

Micron:  Measurment of fiber 1/1000th of a millimeter.

Shear:  The removal of fiber by cutting or clipping.

Staple:  The length of the fiber.

Spinning:  The process of turning fiber into yarn.

Suri:  One of the two types of alpacas, possessing longer locks than the Huacaya.


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